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House of Ivy

Gold Daisy Mini Geo Planter in Mocha

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A small but versatile piece, great for daily use! The gold leaf daisies make this piece fun and practical.


Dimensions: 2” x 2” x 1.75”
Colors: Mocha


Best Paired With:

- Oyster Tray
- Favorite Oval Tray
- Bubble Jar


Style Ideas:

- Fill with tea lights for a cozy vibe
- Add toothpicks for elevated kitchen aesthetic 
- Fill with q-tips + add atop a tray in the bathroom, along with other daily use toiletries
- Hold air plant or small succulent


* each piece is handmade and therefore can/will vary slightly from what is shown in images
* please note that although concrete is known for its strength, these pieces are not reinforced and should be treated delicately as you would glass
* this piece is not food-safe